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Musical Links

The Official 'N Sync Site
Natalie Imbruglia Hot Site
R&B, Hip Hop, and Rap Music Page
The Official Celine Dion Website
Alanis Morisette
Gloria Estefan
Ace of Base Links
The Official Savage Garden Website
Lyric Land

Masonic Youth Links {YAY!}

The Michigan Grand Family, IOJD, Web Site!
Jersey Shore, PA Rainbow Assembly # 164
John's DeMolay Page
My Job's Daughters Journal
Bethel #28, Casper, Wyoming
Bethel #244, Downey, California
Bethel #63
Bethel #11, Brigham City, Utah
Bethel 007, Brazil
Bethel #45, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
E-m@son Homepage
Grand Guardian Council of Arizona
International Order of Job's Daughters Web Site
International Order of Rainbow for Girls Web Site
International Order of DeMolay Web Site

Midi Links

Classical Midi Archieves
Midi Homepage, Originals, Links
Ace Of Base MIDIs
Great Tori Amos MIDI Collection
Tori Amos Sounds/MIDI
Complete Beatles MIDI
Beatles MIDI & Lyrics Page
Boyz II Men's End Of The Road MIDI
Mariah Carey MIDI
Cranberries MIDI
The Best Enya MIDI Site!
Enya MIDI Page

Poetry Links

International Poetry Hall of Fame
National Library of Poetry

Chat Rooms

Cyber Talker
Live Chat Room
WBS - Lots Of Chat Rooms!
Cool Links To Chat Rooms!
The Park Chat Rooms - By Age, Nation, Or Interests!
Chat Rooms

Homepage Helpers

Applets from Java Soft
Java Script Authoring Guide
Mike's Java Page
Image Map Maker
Color Key --- All the Colors on the Net
Table Sampler
Toll Free Internet Directory
Background Colors
HTML Elements
79 Ways to Build A Better Web Site
Webmaster's Tools
Web Designer's Paradise
L-Page --- Free Guestbook Servers
Dreambooks --- Free Guestbook Servers
Geocities --- Web Page Server
Angelfire --- Web Page Server
Tripod --- Web Page Server
HoTMaiL --- Free Email Accounts
StarMail --- Free Email Accounts with Celeb Names!

Search Engines



Daddy's Page
My Religion's Young Women Group
My Church Headquarters
Tariq's Awesome Page
Froggy Pictures --- This is a great place for GIRLS!
Instrument Jokes
Yo Mama Jokes --- Hilarious! {Rated PG13}
Mr. Bean goes Internet!
Belly-Dance {Oriental Dance} Homepage
JellyBelly Online!
Names for Dancers

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