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**The Real Me**

Me in July 1997

Me in July 1997.

Me {on the right} in February 1998

Me and my friend, Sarah, in February 1998. I'm on the right.

Nathan in June 1997

Me and my 5 year old cousin, Nathan, on June 29th, 1997

My Buddies and Me in July 1997

L-R Back Row: Andrea Rice, Me, Monica Dales
L-R Front Row: Heather Carter, Sarah Harring

More Pictures are coming soon!

So, you made it over to my Crucial Info Page? Well, I wouldn't say it's crucial, but it's Info! *:0)

  • Okay, my full name is Stephanie Nichole LeVeque. My first name means "Crown" in Greek, and my last name means "The Bishop" in French. I am 1/2 French-Canadian {That would be my dad's side}, 1/4 Italian, and 1/4 Polish {that would be my mom's side}. My nickname with my close friends and on ICQ {#2028076} is ~*Kate Rose*~.
    I also have AOL IM. My screen name is KateRose01. I also have a few other nicknames, including Stiffie.

  • I live on the coast of Lake Superior, in a little town called Munising. Actually, I live in Wetmore, but it's only 3 miles from there. And that's in the Upper Peninsula {God's Country} of Michigan of the Good Old U.S. of A.! I live in and grew up in the same house as my father.

  • I don't have any brothers or sisters. Although, I do have a cute little cousin {who is 7} and many friends. I do have two dogs. An English Springer Spaniel who is 7 years old. His name is Sharkey Yoga. I also have a Miniature Dacshound who is 4 years old. His name is Ludwig Schubert von Canine, and he is AKC registered.

  • I am a Sophomore in High School - YAY! *:0) . I plan on pursuing a career in Music {A degree in Music Education so I can teach and perform}. I love being on the water, and my fave animal is the Killer Whale. I used to want to be an Oceanographer specializing in Marine Biology. As a minor, I am taking foreign language, drama, literature, or english. I am kind of fluent in Spanish, Italian, and a little in Sign Language. I can say things in 60 languages.

  • I am in many organizations. To name a few - Job's Daughters {In which I am a Past Honored Queen of my Bethel - #16 Marquette. I am also Past Grand Bethel Chaplain 1997-1998 for our State. What an Honor!}, Rainbow Girls {On November 21st!}, Youth Advisory Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Youth Volunteer Corps, Drama Club, Choir, Forensics, Pep Band, Marching Band {I'm Drum Major!}, Student Council, Church Choir, and I'm a Spanish Tutor. I was also in Girl Scouts for 7 years. I have played the Oboe for 6 years, the Sax for 1 year, the English Horn for 2 years, and am teaching myself Piano {I can play pretty good! I can play "My Heart Will Go On" like a pro!} and Violin.

  • I have many hobbies. Some include dancing {I was in ballet when I was young, and am interested in oriental belly dancing}, writing {I've been published and won an award 3 years in a row for Best Original Poem!}, sports, crafts, talking {HeeHee}, and all of that good stuff. I go to any dance I can. I play volleyball and badmitton the best, and basketball is the runner up. I also like to watch and learn about HS Wrestling. For crafts, I make beaded and knotted bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry. And for writing, I do it whever I have a bunch of stored up emotions.

  • I also collect many things. Among all I collect Killer Whale Stuff {any Aquatic Stuff}, Music Boxes, Shirley Temple and Charlie Chaplain Stuff, and most of all, TITANIC Stuff!!!!!! I love the movie and the real event, and have over $700 worth the Titanic Memorabilia! I'm a big collector! {You dont want to see my room unless you like TITANIC!}

    Well, I hope I told you enough about me for now. If you have any other questions, please ask and I will post them!

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    This page is still under construction.

    LaSt UpDaTeD--mArCh 31sT, 1999.

    My little cousin, Nathan.