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Hey all of you spiffy guys and gals! I decided to make a little page to all of you as one big Valentine. I got this cool idea from our very own, Miss Raechel White *teehee*. As she did, I am going to list you in alphabetical order! I thought this would be more effective because you can only say like, 50 words or less in stupid card shops. *LOL* So enjoy, cry, do whatever you gotta do, just read on!! {You can read everyone's is you want!}

Brandon is just a nifty dude!!! He started playing French Horn this year, and he's an aspiring actor, but I think he should be in ballet *teehee*. Brandon, you're a sweetie, love ya lots!!!

Cecilia is my little musical partner in crime! She is AWESOME on flute {first chair}, and piano!!! She also sings like an angel. She is such a sweetie, and we have great fun on car rides to Choir Practice. I love ya Cecilia!

Chelsea We've had quite the convos. We always talk about how inferior men are to us women. *LOL* Chelsea, you're such a cutie, and I love ya for always listening to me!

Chris is my guy!! {My guy bud, that is}. He's so awesome, and always there. Every girl should own a Chris. *:0) He's full of hugs and cute remarks, and plays the sax!! Chris, I love you man!!! *LOL*

Colleen has been there for me through it all. She is my friend and shining armor, always there to hear my problems. We've never had a fight! She is awesome at trumpet, and I love her through it all. Love you Colleen!

She's my Gretchy and I miss her already!!! Gretchy moved away, but I still love her!! *:0) Gretchy has always stood up for me and is super beotch to anyone who harasses me. I love you Gretchy!!!!

Jen is AWESOME!!! She has always been there for me. Through thick and thin. She is like THE sweetest ever!! She plays some kick butt clarinet and sings like awesome too! I love you Jen!!! You are just too much for words!

Hey cutie patootie!!! What can I say? We've never ever ever ever fought!!! You make me laugh so much that I pee my pants!!! MOOO! You are awesome and every girl should have a Jessica because you make me laugh so hard!

Joleen has been my friend for 10 years!! I don't know where I would be without her smiling face and caring hugs and advice. We have never fought. She plays the sax like a pro, and sings sweeter than an angel. Joleen keeps me running when I am down. I love her soooo much. I get jealous of her little sister because I wish I could be her sister. *:0) I LOVE YOU DOLLFACE!

Well, what can I say for Jon? You're better than me, man!! *:0) This dude can do anything...he plays sax, percussion, guitar, and piano. He is awesome, and kick butt at Cat's Cradle! *LOL* Jon, thanks for putting up with me all the're too cool and that's that!

Marnee is just plain out awesome and hilarious!!! She is in Cheerleading, and therefore, she kicks hiney! She is Master of the Obvious. I love my MarKnee! She is just awesome!! She listens to me all the time and I love her to death. I would die without my MarKnee. I love you MarKnee!!! You are the greatest!!! {And you are great at flute and singing!}

Melissa is my body guard!!! She also plays Clarinet awesome. She is my big sis, and if anyone messes with me, they're dead!! *:0) I love you soooo much Missa! You are my best friend and always will be. If you died, I don't know what I'd do. I'd probably go with you!!! I hope we are friends forever, and ever, and ever.....*:0) I love you so much, Missa!!!

Raechel is the awesome one!! She is very talented in writing, and in forensics. She listens to me blab about my crush all of the time!! And I listen to her talk about her sweetie, Patrick. Love you lots Raechey dearie!! Thanks soo much for always being here for me, cuz it means soo much!

Wilbur's name is actually Wes, but I always forget that!!! *LOL* Wilbur is THE FUNNIEST person on the face of this earth. He could've kicked Chris Farley's butt! Wilbur is just...whoah...Wilbur is Wilbur. And I'm his Stiffie. *LOL* {Stiffie is the nicknmae he gave me cuz it sounds like Stephie}. Thanks for being such an awesome funny friend Wilbur!! {And he's my Cecilia's boyfriend!}

Well, I put Munger on the bottom because that is his last name. Some call him Jeremy {his first name}, and some call him Munger!! Munger has a GREAT Tenor Voice. And Munger is such a sweetie. He is there for everyone, and will help you out and the drop of a dime. Or quarter. Or nickel. *:0) Thanks for being a nifty sweetie, man!

Here are some songs that show my feelings for all of you awesome friends!

  • All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo
  • God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You by *N Sync
  • I'm Your Angel by Celine Dion & R. Kelly
  • All I Have To Give by The Backstreet Boys
  • To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees
  • One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
  • Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey
  • Hero by Mariah Carey
  • Anytime You Need A Friend by Mariah Carey

    The ever-so-greatful me!